Agency at the airport spans a protective shield with Robert Aebi

Robert Aebi offers its customers a longer warranty - and does without a trade fair stand. The agency at the airport is now communicating this in the trade fair environment.

What is common practice in the automotive industry has now also found its way into agricultural engineering: Robert Aebi Landtechnik is the first Swiss supplier to provide its customers with a warranty extension for five years or 2,500 operating hours when they place a new order for a John Deere Series 5-9R tractor between November 1, 2022 and October 31, 2023. As a result of this investment in customer relations, the company has decided not to have a stand at the Agrama agricultural show in Bern this year. Instead, this industry first will be communicated in the trade show environment. For the communication of the whole Robert Aebi Landtechnik has again gone on board with the agency at the airport from St. Gallen. The campaign includes advertisements in the agricultural press, press relations, posters and public transport advertising in the trade fair environment.

Client: Robert Aebi Landtechnik AG: Armin Segmüller (Director Business Unit Agricultural Machinery); Agency: Agentur am Flughafen AG, St. Gallen: René Eugster (overall responsibility), Dominique Rutishauser (art direction), Michael Lindenmann (copywriting/press relations), Candice Thoma (project management/media).

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