For the World Cup, PAM sends out a streaker for Smile

To raise awareness of Smile household insurance during the World Cup, PAM created a TV commercial starring a speedster.

While the three Smile influencers Zeki, Pietro and Sepp are watching a soccer match, they are unexpectedly confronted with naked facts in the form of a speedster, which ends in household damage and a minor car chase. The spot can be seen on TV, as a pre-roll on online portals and on social media.

In addition, PAM has created a subject for poster and online banner placements, which picks up on the hairstyles of the Nati players in terms of insurance.

Responsible at Smile: Pierangelo Campopiano (CEO), Joséphine Chamoulaud (Head Marketing and E-Commerce), Ivana Gonzalez (Project Manager Digital Marketing); responsible at PAM Advertising: Parvez Sheik Fareed, Miro Pfister (overall responsibility and creative direction); responsible at Maybaum Film (production): Jesse Meyer (production manager), Richy Hafner (director), Nikolas Reigel (camera); responsible at Mediaeffects (media agency TV): Myrtha Hafner (owner); responsible at nova impact (media agency DOOH): Sandra Fehr (Managing Partner), Marcel Bieri (Senior Media Consultant).

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