Rod Kommunikation and Swico: Solidarity Streaming

This winter it's all about saving energy - and everyone should join in. In a new campaign, Swico is working with Rod to demonstrate a very simple way.

This winter, it's all about saving energy wherever possible. What not everyone knows is that video streaming can also save energy - and not that little. But it's pretty easy to do, namely by reducing the image quality of video streaming from 1080 pixels to 720 pixels. Without the eye noticing much of a difference, we can thus make another contribution to overcoming the energy shortage situation.

Swico calls for streaming in solidarity

Swico, the trade association for a digital Switzerland, is calling for solidarity streaming in a new campaign - implemented by Rod Kommunikation. This consists of three online videos that are played out on YouTube and Instagram - naturally in the recommended resolution of 720 pixels.

Responsible at Swico: Judith Bellaiche, Jasmina Vincetic, Franziska von Aesch; Concept, creation & realization: Rod Communication.

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