Freezyboy is looking for the first dissatisfied customer

Almost everyone who buys a Freezyboy praises it to the skies - that can seem unbelievable. That's why copywriter Simon Kümin came up with something unusual.

Switzerland has a waste problem: We produce around 700 kilograms of municipal waste per capita. A full third of this is biowaste, which releases CO2 when incinerated. The Freezyboy wants to change that: It cools biowaste to -5 degrees and keeps it fresh until the biowaste collection arrives. This produces more biogas than if the waste were already decomposing in the kitchen.

Swiss advertising also has a garbage problem: The best ideas often end up in the wastebasket. While they don't release any CO2 there, they do lead to frustrated creatives and customers with sales difficulties. A Black Friday campaign by Freezyboy remedies both of these grievances. The idea behind it: Because Freezyboy's existing customers are so happy with the device, it gets excellent ratings on Google. And this is precisely a problem. A study by the Spiegel Research Center at Northwestern University2 shows that product ratings that are too good arouse distrust and are bad for sales.

Money back and certificate

That's why Freezyboy is now looking for the first dissatisfied customer. The person who manages to order the device, test it and find it bad will not only get their money back, but will be presented with a certificate in person. The Action has been running since today and will continue until Cyber Monday. The campaign was conceived and written by copywriter Simon Kümin, and implemented by the customer. Kümin is certain: "Never in my life would it have been such a shame if the idea had ended up in the garbage can."

Responsible at Avantyard: Peter Ruppeiner (CEO), Alexandra Boso (Digital Marketing Manager). Responsible with Simon Kümin: Simon Kümin (word and trash separation).

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