KSP for VW Commercial Vehicles: The most beautiful view

KSP is drumming up support for VW's California 6.1 with three videos for different target groups. Those who order the vehicle now can enjoy the view next summer.

Screenshot / Youtube.

The California 6.1 is an all-rounder suitable for everyday use. As a true adventure and leisure vehicle, it is a popular companion for all Swiss people, from short trips to the mountains to leisurely vacations by the water to big shopping trips at the weekend. And it is also popular as a camper van that guarantees the most beautiful view even when you fall asleep.

Now there's a campaign by KSP that aims to appeal to three target groups at once: adventurous couples and families, but also seniors. With three videos deployed digitally and on social media, there should be something for everyone. The focus of the appeal is the beautiful view that can be enjoyed next summer if the vehicle is ordered now. In addition, other digital measures, ads, and dealer and POS promotional materials appeared.

Responsible at VW Commercial Vehicles: Manuel Marchev (Head of Marketing), Marco Niggli (Teamleader Marketing Communication), Benjamin Menzi (Marketing Communication Manager), Jannine Müller (Trade Marketing Manager). Responsible at KSP: Alba Rau (art direction), Céline Goldschmid (graphics), Stephanie Waldvogel (content creation, editing), Julian Riegel (text), Uwe Schlupp (creative direction), Claudia Imholz (consulting), Manuela Pasanen, Bianca Jäger (production), Daniel Krieg (strategy and overall responsibility).
Ansichtsache (image editing). MediaCom (Media), Swiss Online Publishing (Social Media).


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