Pop and Migros magazine make everyday life less mundane

The Migros Magazine newsletter focuses more on service and provides its readers with life hacks, tips and trends for everyday life. Pop's current campaign presents this content in a light-hearted way.

Around 160,000 users in German- and French-speaking Switzerland receive the Migros Magazine newsletter every Sunday. The tips and hacks - from food to household to health - that make everyday life a little less mundane are particularly popular.

The image campaign by Pop Creative Services compresses the content into cheerful, striking visuals that can be used in a modular way, expanded, and combined in ever new ways. The campaign can be seen in banners, on print ads and in the Migros app as well as on social media.

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Katharina Seckel (project management), Philipp Glauser (overall responsibility), Steve Gaspoz (text French/language adaptation). Responsible at Pop Creative Services (conception, creation and realization:): Roli Hofer, Michi Benz.

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