Rod and Pro Juventute call for more support in multicrisis

Together with all the young parties, Pro Juventute is calling for more support for aid programs for children and young people. Rod Kommunikation has launched a campaign for the foundation.

Corona pandemic, climate crisis, Ukraine war, looming inflation, social injustice: the young generation is confronted with a multi-crisis. As a result, anxiety and suicidal thoughts are on the rise among children and young people. And the consultations on suicidal thoughts at 147 by Pro Juventute have almost doubled compared to before the pandemic.

With an oversized smartphone, Pro Juventute and all the young parties drew attention to young people in the multicrisis on Thursday on the Bundesplatz in Bern. And just like Pro Juventute's 147, this phone never stopped ringing.

The joint appearance and the rarely seen political unity manifests how acute the situation is for children and adolescents in the multicrisis and how demanded counseling services like Pro Juventute's 147 are.

The Foundation is therefore calling for immediate assistance from the public sector, especially the cantons, and is planning coordinated initiatives in the cantonal parliaments.

Responsible at Pro Juventute: Jan Schlink, Lulzana Musliu, Tiffany Brunner. Conception, creation and realization: Rod Communication. Production smartphone: Flurin Müller (

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