Brinkertlück with new coat of arms for BLKB

In the new reputation study, BLKB landed in first place among Swiss banks. Brinkertlück is now addressing the main drivers for this in a new campaign.

BLKB has the best reputation among Swiss banks - as shown by the new Reputation Study Swiss Banks 2022 the
Swissreputation Group, which includes detailed results on the reputation of a total of 36 banks in four sectors. The main drivers for the ranking are the topics of financial stability and the bank's commitment to sustainability. These drivers are now also the pillars of the new BLKB campaign by Brinkertlück.

In it, the agency uses its own creation of the coat of arms of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft, the "Siebedupf". This draws attention to the position of the Basel-Landschaft region and BLKB in the Swiss banking industry. The content of the campaign is the connection between BLKB's financial stability and sustainability commitments. For this purpose, the terms "rock solid", "finances", "franc", "fantastic" and "fabulous" are staged with the sieve dupf. The campaign deliberately avoids any elaborate staging in order to emphasize the simplicity of the matter and let the facts speak for themselves. More and more bank customers are switching to the cantonal banks in search of stability and security.

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