Migros Takeover: Migros and Wirz Learners Design Youth Language Day

On October 25, the Youth Word of the Year was published - and the Migros store at Limmatplatz Zurich joined in the celebration. Migros and Wirz apprentices developed a concept together and implemented it together - creating new store announcements, signs, checkout conversations and, above all, a cheerful exchange between young and old.

"Smash" is the youth word of the year 2022, but what does smash actually mean? Migros customers found out at the Limmatplatz branch - from Migros apprentices or from signs.

Even store announcements were spoken by young people. Customers were also surprised by TikToker and comedian Young Gustav - at the checkout and throughout the day in the store. Only for the day, the learners also developed an interactive game called "Smash or Pass".

By young people - for young people 

"We wanted to pack as much authenticity into the project as possible. So, without further ado, we decided to hand over the lead to those who really know about youth language. Namely our apprentices," says Michel Noverraz, Senior Project Manager Campaigning at Migros. The extraordinary day was documented and disseminated on social media and in the press.

Responsible at Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund: Cécile Heinrich, Naxhije Ametovska, Svenja Dittli, Cheyenne Amato (apprentice), Désirée Strassmann (Head of Department Campaigning Umbrella Brand), Michel Noverraz (Senior Project Manager), Christian Keller (Media). Responsible at Wirz Group: Emma Ulrich, Lana Zumbrunnen, Valentin Caflisch (apprentice), Hannah Züttel, Evelyn Schellenberg, Adrian Busse, Elena Gabriel, Francesca Kleinstück, Laura Schädler, Fabienne Hug, Yussef Serrat. Responsible at Boom: Annina Zimmermann, Paula Liszko (Boom):Carmen Walker (Edit); Lukas Maeder (Director); Jonas Steinbacher (Director of Photography); Julian Joseph (Sound); Lukas Maeder (Photography); Jonas Stirnimann (Lighting); Ian Oggenfuss (Color Grading); Vincent Neuhaus (Motion Graphics). Setting: Gregor Rosenberger (dubdub). Responsible at Heimoto: Technical implementation: Tobias Kreutzer (Creative Producing), Maciek Czmuda, (3D, Motion, Interactive Design), Lukas Bereza (Programming). Hardware: Richnerstutz.

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