Andri Ragettli promotes the Swiss winter for boys

Freestyle skier Andi Ragettli is the face of the campaign for Switzerland Tourism's international winter promotion "Ride&Slide". In various short clips, he conveys the advantages of combining winter sports and public transport to the young generation.

(Image: Switzerland Tourism / Nicola Fürer)

Short distances and well-developed public transport are among the main reasons why guests recommend Switzerland as a destination, according to Switzerland Tourism's Brand Equity Monitor 2021. With the new international winter campaign "Ride&Slide" the tourism organization wants to show how well the Swiss slopes are accessible by public transport from different countries. In addition, guests with the international train ticket receive discounts in various Swiss winter destinations.

The campaign is targeted at Germany, France, Benelux, the United Kingdom, and Italy - countries that are among ST's winter focus markets. The face of the campaign is the well-known freestyle skier and world champion Andri Ragettli.

The campaign is now being played out in the form of short clips on various social channels such as Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram. Accordingly, the sequences are kept short and show Ragettli, for example, performing various tricks on a snowy plateau - and riding directly into the train waiting for him and taking a seat. With "Ride&Slide," ST wants to position the Swiss winter in a sustainable and rejuvenated way and, together with the industry, is investing in the next generation of guests.

Focus on Gen Z

In addition to "Ride&Slide," Swiss tourism advertising is also targeting Gen Z in Switzerland with attractive offers. "Snow25" offers the afternoon ski pass as well as the arrival and return journey by public transport. At "Sleep25" includes a bed in a Swiss youth hostel and a breakfast buffet. Both offers were developed by ST together with SBB, participating mountain railroads and Swiss Youth Hostels. The aim is to revive enthusiasm for winter sports among teenagers and young adults under the age of 25.

An unconventional presentation with social media promotions, including on TikTok, and attractive price-performance ratios set the tone here and meet the needs of this target group. The offers can be booked from the beginning of December.

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