KSP chooses the most direct route to customers for the mail

KSP designed and produced the current awareness campaign "The most direct way to customers" for the two self-service tools PostCard Creator and Flyer Service of Swiss Post.

Whether addressed mailings to existing customers or unaddressed to potential new customers, the most direct route is always through the mailbox. This message is conveyed by the key visuals with customers whose personal environment takes place in the mailbox itself.

With Swiss Post's flyer service, you can reach your target group reliably and conveniently with an advertising flyer. You upload the designed flyer online, Swiss Post takes care of printing and distribution - when and where you want. The distribution area in Switzerland in which Swiss Post distributes the flyer can be determined by the customer. As unaddressed advertising, the flyers are delivered together with the daily mail to recipients without a "Stop advertising" sticker.

Even an addressed postcard mailing can be done online in a few steps with PostCard Creator. You create the design online - the post office takes care of printing and mailing.

The campaign can be seen on online and social media banners and on the Swiss Post website. This will be supplemented by publicity reports.

Responsible at Swiss Post, Logistics Services: Karina Chodorowska (Marketing Advertising Manager), Michelle Schneider (Marketing Advertising Project Manager). Responsible at KSP:      Julian Riegel (Text), Alba Rau, Céline Goldschmid (Art Direction), Stephanie Waldvogel (Animation), Uwe Schlupp (Creative Direction), Aline Herzog (Consulting), Manuela Pasanen, Bianca Jäger (DTP), Ansichtsache (Image Editing), Daniel Krieg (Strategy and Gesmat Responsibility).

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