Foundry: Alpian wins with Twins

For the private banking startup Alpian, the agency Foundry implemented an integrated, Switzerland-wide launch campaign. Part of it is the already much visited content platform

The startup Alpian was founded with the vision of demystifying and democratizing private banking. The company now holds its own Swiss banking license and aims to offer banking and personalized investment services previously reserved for the very few clients at exclusive private banks.

Early on, Foundry was brought on board as a creative and strategic partner in the early stages of the company's development almost three years ago. Everything - from positioning and alignment to visual identity and communications strategy - was developed jointly by the agency and Alpian.

First investment in the partnership

The partnership mindset led to thinking proactively for the brand. Only a few months after the start of the collaboration, the development of a content platform was tackled. With an independent platform for financial content and personal values that go beyond money was developed.

Strong partnership: The Foundry and Alpian team.

Doing the same thing is far from the same thing

What sets Alpian apart from traditional banks and neobanks is the combination of intuitive technology and close, qualified wealth advisors. This, he says, allows the startup to appropriately advise clients' different personalities and nuances when putting together their portfolios. Each portfolio is put together individually for each client.

This differentiation led to the nationwide launch campaign "No Two Alike - Unique". The campaign, which focuses on identical twins, builds on Alpian's unique selling points and aims to highlight: Everyone is different when it comes to their assets. Even identical twins. This leads to the core message "Wealth, your way".

In addition to the subjects, interview-style films highlight the similarities between twins and specifically the surprising differences in opinion when it comes to money, investments and wealth.

Authenticity writ large

To give the films as authentic a flair as possible, no actors or models were cast, but ordinary people with their own interests. In addition, the film was made without a script, because it was meant to depict the twins' actual opinions and attitudes.

Working with production partner Stories, Foundry developed a strategic plan to overcome these challenges. Through the keen directorial eye of Marc Wilkins, surprising interactions between the siblings were captured to help convey the films' core message. 

The films will be targeted via digital channels, and the subjects will be placed on various media surfaces in Switzerland - including the country's largest billboard. While the launch campaign is designed to attract attention, Foundry says that announcements of new features, events and partnerships are being prepared in the background. spoke with Alpian CMO Roman Balzan and Foundry founder Sacha Moser.

Responsible at Alpian: Roman Balzan (Chief of Marketing & Brand), Jean-Baptiste de Vevey (Senior Marketing Manager), Gerd Afforti (Art Director), Antonio Mancini (Head of User Experience), Gianmarco Bonaita (Co-Founder, Head of Strategic Projects). Responsible at Foundry: Sacha Moser (Founder & Creative Partner), Eugenia Kubas (Creative Lead Art), Nitin George (Creative Lead Concept & Copy), Susann Kompa (Account & Project Lead), Jarin Morová (Head of Media & Performance), Gregor Wollenweber & Christian Wirz (Production), Andreas Egidi (Art Director). Partner: Marc Wilkins (director), Yves Bachmann (photography). Responsible at Stories: Michele Seligmann, Yves Bollag, Meret Früh, Marko Strihic, Edoardo Moruzzi.

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