Thjnk for Ochsner Sport: When hours become seconds

When the new season starts at the end of October with the races in Sölden, all those hours of hard work over the long summer will once again turn into racing seconds. This is what Thjnk's current winter campaign for Ochsner Sport aims to show.

That the ski racers Beat Feuz and Loïc Meillard Ochsner Sport ambassadors are already known. Olympic downhill champion Corinne Suter is also a new ambassador on board. In the new season, all three will be racing for crystal balls and World Cup medals with the new Ochsner Sport logo on their helmets.

The main film shows the three athletes during the race. In between, "flashbacks" are repeatedly inserted, showing what the athletes invest and where they come from. Using various effects, individual photos and moving images were combined here to dramatize the hours of preparation.

In addition to the main film, there are various cut-downs that are played out online. In addition, each athlete has their own 30-second video, which is broadcast during the respective race.

Furthermore, subjects were implemented that are used online, in print and at the POS.

Responsible at Ochsner Sport: Marco Greco (Head of Marketing), Patrizia Fiechter (Team Leader Classic Communication), Nathalie Brunner, Simon Zeder, Andreas Züger (Classic Communication), Paddy Käser (Team Leader Content & Social Media). Responsible at Thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy, Pablo Schencke (GF Creation), Lukas Amgwerd (Creative Direction), Lukas Frischknecht, Raymi Mendoza (Art Direction), Anna-Fiona Geller (Text), Josephine Jeanguenin (Graphic Design), Andrea Bison (GF Consulting), Andrea Häfliger, Marie Vuilleumier (Consulting), Gordon Nemitz (GF Strategy). External partners: Hillton, Mona Bertschinger, Alessandra Dolci (production), Animals (director), Daryl Hefti (camera), Roberto Colombo (edit), Pablo Nouvelle (composition), Jingle Jungle (sound design & mix), Joseph Bicknell (grading), Adrian Bretscher (photography).

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