Scholz & Friends and Atupri invite you to digital consultation hours

The health insurer Atupri launches a new campaign for the fully digital basic insurance SmartCare together with Scholz & Friends Zurich.

The digitization of healthcare is at the center of development in many places. With the fully digital basic insurance Atupri Smartcare, it is already a reality today with all its benefits: From the online symptom analysis to the initial medical consultation to the issuing of prescriptions and medical certificates, every step takes place via smartphone app.

The current campaign under the motto "Digital consultation hours. As personal as on-site. The campaign is designed to illustrate the advantages of video consultations via smartphone. More than 100 qualified physicians provide a direct personal consultation with well-founded recommendations for action - simply, quickly and conveniently via app from home.

The orchestrated campaign with a digital focus is now on air with posters and e-panels, radio spots as well as digital in online video, display banners, social media and native ads, landing page and accompanying direct mailings.

Responsible at Atupri: Michael Wüthrich (Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications), Joel Buri, Silvia Stauffacher (Communications Specialists), Thomas Wyss (Content Marketing Strategist). Responsible at Scholz & Friends: Joana Faria, Roger Krage, Franziska Pennington, Aster Loerli, Martin Stulz, Fabian Esslinger, David Fischer, Christian Vosshagen (creation), Freyja Hablitz, Ramon Zahnd, Elodie Caucigh, Mathias Rösch (consulting), Susi Miller (strategy). Film production: South-t. Recording studio: Jingle Jungle. Media: ZipMedia.

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