thjnk Zurich: New campaign for Sunrise and Swiss-Ski

Big dreams need support: that's the core message of thjnk's campaign for the new partners Sunrise and Swiss-Ski, which is all about teamwork.

Sunrise has been the new Swiss-Ski Main Partner since May 2022 - and now there is a new campaign. The core message: For big winter dreams to come true, a little support is needed. Just in time for the start of the winter season, the two main protagonists Marco Odermatt and Fanny Smith provide all snow sports enthusiasts with the necessary motivation to dare great things on the slopes, kickers and cross-country trails.

Together with the federation and the athletes, Levada was created, the fastest race dress ever - the ideal source of inspiration for the next chapter of "Dream Big. Do Big.", Sunrise's new brand claim.

Teamwork takes center stage

An important component of the moving image campaign is a voice message. In the German version, this comes from Marco Odermatt, in the French version from ski cross star Fanny Smith. Using match cuts and surprising transitions, the viewer travels through the entire world of snow sports to hear her words: It doesn't matter if you're a hard-towing father, a professional coach or a loud "Go, Go, Go!" - if you want to achieve something, you need support. The spot is shown on the usual channels and formats in lengths of 45, 30, 20 and 15 seconds.


The Out of Home motifs also celebrate teamwork: Fanny Smith and a skicross colleague focus on action in training, Marco Odermatt hones his speed with two coaches, and a child receives the necessary support for his first skating attempts on the track. Mountain posters are used to target snow sports regions.

Revised sponsorship billboards

As part of the reorganization of Swiss Ski's partners, the sponsorship billboard that announces the snow sports broadcasts on SRF has also been revamped. In brightly shining suits, a cross-country skier, a snowboarder, a skier and a freeskier ride through the darkness. In the process, they interact with oversized 3D logos of sponsors BKW, Helvetia, Raiffeisen and Sunrise, thereby also making them glow. The new billboards will be in use from October.

The LED suits of the winter athletes were developed by Swiss costume designer Francine Lecoultre especially for the shoot. Lecoultre lives and works in Los Angeles and was also involved in the development of the batsuit, among other things.

Responsible at Sunrise: Andreas Caluori (Senior Director Brand Development, Consumer Marketing & Sponsoring), Marc Halm (Head of ATL & Brand Campaigning), Andreas Jäggi (Marketing Manager), Muriel Wiedenkeller (Brand Manager). Responsible at thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy, Pablo Schencke (GF Creation), Artur Deyneuve (Creative Direction) Maira Weidmann (Text), Luca Stancheris (Art Direction), Leorah Uhricek, Marco Martoglio, Josephine Jeanguenin (Graphic Design) Gordon Nemitz (GF Strategy), Andrea Bison (GF Consulting) Claudia Ziltener, Angela Cristofari, Cornelia Nünlist (Consulting) Thomas Nabbefeld, Amelie Behrens, Laura Früchtenicht (Producing). External partners: TVC: CZAR Film AG (Production), Oskar Wrangö (Director), Sandy Blum & Jan Fincke (Executive Producer), Vincent Taeger (Producer), Daryl Hefti & Henning Sandström (DoP), Alexander Rydén (Action Cam), Julia Illig (Production Coordinator), Laura Keiser & Morris Müller (Production Assistant), Dominik Gspan (1st AD), Claude Fessel (Art Department), Tom Meier (Gaffer), Sabine Nussbaumer (Styling), Sander van Wijk (Grading), Ballad (Music), Jingle Jungle (Sound Studio). Sponsorship Billboards: CZAR Film AG (Production), Oskar Wrangö (Director), Sandy Blum & Jan Fincke (Executive Producer), Vincent Taeger (Producer), Henning Sandström (DoP), Alexander Rydén (Action Cam), Laura Keiser (Production Assistant), Francine Lecoultre (Styling), Marko Strihic (Editor), ACHT Hamburg, Karsten Falk (PostProduction), ACHT Hamburg (Grading), Ballad (Music), Jingle Jungle (Sound Studio). Photography: Yves Bachmann @ Visualeyes Artists Zurich (photographer), Jonas Oswald (assistant), Michèle Aschmann (image editing). External partners: Mediatonic: Marco Rose, David Hoesli, Cédric Zwicky. Sir Mary: Kevin Schälchlin (Media Consultant), Marion Nicolaus (Head of Media Operations & Intelligence), Fabian Habisreutinger (Strategy Director Media). Implementation: RTK.


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