Family complements KPT fall campaign with TV spots

Reliability and a high level of employee commitment are top priorities at KPT. The two new spots for the fall campaign - implemented by Family - are dedicated to these themes.

In the spots, Family stages KPT's two service promises in a surprising and humorous way: location-independent advice and 24/7 availability for medical problems.

Since Monday, the two TV spots complement the national campaign of the health insurance company from Bern, which has been running since August.

Responsible at KPT: Marc Bissig (overall responsibility), Stefanie Gehrig (campaign management offline), Daniel Knuchel (campaign management digital), Tanja Huber (digital), Natalie Portmann and Beni Meier (text). Responsible for Family: Claudio Catrambone (creative director/overall responsibility), Svenja Hässig (account director), Severin Binkert, Marion Gwerder, Torsten Maas, Grit Wolany (concept and art director). Production: Stories, Janic Halioua (director), Arthur Mebius (photographer), Jingle Jungle (recording studio). Responsible at Emoticom: Patrick Hüttenmoser (Creative Director), Jaana Kaufmann-Bienz (Consulting), Yves Ackermann, Marijan von Allmen, Mathias Habich, Anja Rüfenacht (Art Director), Richard Gehrig (Head of Production), Marc Wyss (Developer). Responsible at JBW Media: Nina Rolle, Oliver Huber (Media).

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