Rod: Ex-children speak out for SOS Children's Villages Switzerland

SOS Children's Villages has a new lead agency in Rod Kommunikation and is launching its first joint campaign under the communication umbrella "Ex-Kinder".

We were all children once. And therefore know how decisive the first years are for a self-determined life later on. This universal common denominator is what Rod Kommunikation's campaign gets to the heart of with a word creation.

In the campaign, SOS ambassadors Maria Walliser, Michèle and Manu Burkart and Marco Wölfli present themselves as ex-children. And as such, they call on all of us to get involved in helping children in need. SOS Children's Villages has been doing this for over 70 years in 136 countries. With the family strengthening programs, which accompany children and families holistically and in the long term, four million children have already been given a home and a future.

The "Ex-Children" awareness campaign is intended to raise the profile of SOS Children's Villages throughout Switzerland and strengthen awareness and familiarity. It is accentuated in the media in regions with a high potential for donors. The first campaign package is rounded off by a competition in which the ambassadors give away joint experiences and a multi-part newsletter journey. This is followed by a smooth transition to the end-of-year campaign, which focuses entirely on fundraising with a digital performance framework, three different direct mailings and various social media measures.

Responsible at SOS Children's Villages Switzerland: Silvia Beyeler (Head of Marketing), Cornelia Krämer (Head of Communications), Livia Chiesa (Digital Marketing Manager), David Becker (Content Manager). Conception, creation and realization: Rod Communication. Photography: Rémy Steiner, Hans Schürmann, Remo Neuhaus. Media: TW Media, Digital Nalu.

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