Corona's "Free Range Humans" campaign launches in Switzerland

With the campaign, the Corona beer brand wants to get people back outdoors - and is now launching several campaigns in Switzerland for this purpose.

With the "Free Range Humans" campaign the global beer brand Corona celebrates people who leave their conventional lives behind to reconnect with nature. The centerpiece is video portraits of six people who have freed themselves from the confines of everyday life and found meaningful employment in nature. The Swiss launch of "Free Range Humans" has now been a cleanup campaign with influencers on Lake Zurich and various green installations in the region. In addition, the beer brand is calling for entries with their own "Free Range Humans" project until the end of October and, with a bit of luck, could win 15,000 Swiss francs.

The core of the campaign is a global video series that portrays six people, such as the French Polynesian "Coral Gardener" Maroitai Tehio or the Argentinean-Mexican "Shark Advocate" Martina Alvarez. To get people outdoors and to communicate the valuable treasures of nature, Corona carried out a cleanup action at the Rapperswil harbor basin last Saturday for the Swiss launch of the campaign, together with sustainability influencers and a professional team of waste divers.

To this end, Corona also maintains two installations in local coops. These green oases are designed to bring nature to life in an urban environment and show city dwellers how a few minutes in nature can have a positive impact on their physical and mental well-being.


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