François Küssenberger & Partner provides a good feeling for Securitas Direct

In Securitas Direct's fall lead generation campaign, experience designers from Cham François Küssenberger & Partner dramatize the emotional benefits of an alarm system.

As darkness falls, the number of burglaries increases as expected, and with it the level of unease. A good reason to have an alarm system installed. But it can do more than deter burglars. In case of fire or water damage, it also alerts the alarm center, which then takes care of everything. Be it the police or the Securitas security service. And that even if no one is present or you are asleep.

To mark its thirtieth anniversary, Securitas Direct is offering all customers a 30 percent discount on the installation of an alarm system. This is being communicated with a cross-media campaign: TV, inread videos, statements on social media, print, publicity reports and Google offer extensions.

The campaign focuses on the TV spot. The message behind it: The alarm system from Securitas Direct gives a good feeling, even when no one is at home.

Responsible at Securitas Direct: Christian Chenaux (CEO) Responsible at François Küssenberger & Partner: François Küssenberger (concept, text, campaign management). External partners: Richy Hafner, Maybaum Film Baden (director); Silvana Maucioni, Bubbly Basel (media); Luca Pierini, Selene Marogna, Kathrin Mettler, BlueGlass Interactive (digital marketing, social media, Google Ads); Sarah Erard, Dimando Digital (website, landing pages).

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