Sir Mary: Sportswitch for Swissmilk enters a new round

The branded content series from Swissmilk and Sir Mary "Sportswitch" is starting a new round. The aim is to get Gen Z excited about healthy eating.

Four Swiss athletes venture out of their comfort zone and take on a completely new sport - that is the concept of "Sportswitch," a branded content serieswhich Sir Mary developed for Swissmilk. About a year ago, the format was launched as a YouTube series, and now it is going into the second round.

The goal: to sensitize Gen Z to healthy eating and an active lifestyle, and to establish chocolate milk as the ideal regeneration drink. The content vessel tailored to the target group was thereby expanded from a Youtube series to a fully comprehensive social media series and - in addition to Youtube - can now also be seen on TikTok and Instagram. This is intended to motivate the young target group to keep trying new sports and stay active. In addition, messages around the topic of nutrition have been woven into the videos to create awareness for a healthy approach to it.

Supplemented by poster campaign

Sprinter William Reais, CrossFitter Nicole Heer, rower Eline Rol and canoeist Thomas Koechlin reveal their eating habits in the videos - and are then surprised with a training session in a sport that is completely new to them.

The videos were produced in collaboration with Andy Was Right and can be seen on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube. The content campaign is additionally complemented by a poster campaign with Sprinter William Reais.

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