New Claim, New Brand Purpose: Mediamarkt Launches New Campaign

Together with the new lead agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Mediamarkt Saturn is launching a new campaign that focuses on personal advice.

Together with its new lead agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Mediamarkt Saturn has developed an international campaign concept for Media Markt and is rolling it out company-wide for the first time in all 13 countries where the brand is active. The campaign is based on a new Brand Purpose and is thus shaped by the company's strategic realignment, which focuses on the customer experience and personal advice.

Consumer Electronics becomes Experience Electronics

The centerpiece and unifying element is the claim "Let's go!", which dovetails all communications across all channels. In Switzerland, the campaign will launch on October 3, 2022. The electronics retailer, which once established consumer electronics as a new category, is now redefining this category as part of its strategic development: Media Markt uses the term "Experience Electronics" to describe its repositioning - and at the same time the range of services for its customers.

In the course of the campaign, the topic of technology is to become a positive adventure along the entire customer journey - from testing on site to setting up at home. Accordingly, the new Brand Purpose: "Experience technology better. For a life full of possibilities."

Moving image widely distributed

Three key elements strengthen the new brand image: the emotional charge of the campaign, which also features a new look. At the same time, there is a focus on communicating the wide range of services with which the company aims to demonstrate its customer orientation. The third component of the campaign is the promotion of products and offers, also on seasonal occasions such as Black Friday or Christmas. The claim "Let's go!" is the link between all marketing activities and forms the umbrella for all communications - including internal ones. The campaign will be widely distributed on TV and online / social during the period from 03.10. to 18.10.2022.

An employer branding campaign also launches

In line with the new brand identity, October will also see the launch of a uniform international employer branding campaign, which will also be rolled out step by step in all 13 European countries in which the company is active. Employees will act as testimonials.

Here go to the new spot!

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