Publicis and Axa raise awareness of mental health issues

Mental health problems are often invisible. In order to sensitize the population to the important topic of mental health, to help those affected and, in particular, to support SMEs in their health management, AXA is launching a campaign with the support of Publicis.

Almost one third of the working population in Switzerland is emotionally exhausted and at increased risk of burnout. The consequences of this cost Swiss employers 6.5 billion francs a year, according to the Job Stress Index 2022 by Health Promotion Switzerland shows. At the same time, stress at work can mean lasting health problems for those affected: insomnia and heart problems can be the result, as can burnout or depression.

Mental problems can affect anyone and everyone, yet the inhibition threshold to talk about it is still high. With its current campaign, Axa wants to help change this. "Talk about the unusual," is the message. The aim is to draw attention to the problem, destigmatize the issue of mental illness and thus help those affected. Particularly as part of its WeCare occupational health management program, the company also offers specific services on the subject of mental health for companies.

Look closely and talk about it

The awareness campaign, which the company developed together with Publicis, is aimed specifically at SMEs. The subjects show employee mishaps such as a coffee stain on a shirt or a T-shirt put on backwards. These are clearly visible - in contrast to signs of mental problems, which are much harder to spot. The campaign's message: Taking a close look and especially addressing those affected by problems are important first steps so that they can be helped.

The core of the campaign is formed by four videos that are played out on high-reach and target group-relevant online platforms and social media channels such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. The main target group of medium-sized companies is to be reached even better with banners on suitable websites and newsletters. In addition, large-format print ads attract attention. All advertising media link to the campaign landing page with in-depth information and Axa's services and offers.

Responsible at Axa: Antonia Lepore (Head MarCom), Claudia Suter (Head Brand & Advertising), Tanja Hediger (Advertising Manager), Lilian Schmidt (Brand Manager), Ilona Fäh (Content Manager), Juliette Metze (Customer Manager), Bettina Naef (Open Innovation), Vanessa Lochbaum (Social Media Manager). Creation & Production: Publicis (strategy, creation and implementation), Prodigious (production and realization). Responsible at Mindshare (Media): Christina Schumann (Director Client Leadership), Arta Bibaj (Senior Manager Client Leadership), Sven Kortje (Director Print/Radio/Cinema/Trading), Beatrice Krischan (Senior Manager Exchange Print/Radio/Cinema), Rahel Buchser (Senior Manager Digital), Jonas Haberthür (Digital Executive).

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