Serviceplan focuses on concrete facts instead of empty promises for Swisscom

Swisscom was voted the most sustainable telco company in the world. In the continuation of the Swisscom sustainability campaign, Serviceplan Suisse uses facts to show why this award is justified.

Sustainability campaigns are currently ubiquitous. But they often lack substance. There is a great deal of mistrust among consumers. People are quick to accuse the campaigns of being nothing more than greenwashing.

In its current sustainability campaign, Swisscom therefore wants to dispense with empty promises and vague visions of the future. In line with the motto "Now instead of someday," it communicates concrete sustainable offers that are already available now, such as climate-neutral subscriptions for mobile, TV and Internet.

The campaign and landing page explain exactly how this climate neutrality is achieved - for example, by using electricity from renewable energy sources and avoiding or offsetting emissions.

The Swisscom sustainability campaign goes into greater depth at the content level. Here, everything revolves around the topic of circular economy. Two short videos for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube explain why it is not sustainable to simply leave old cell phones lying unused in a drawer at home. That's because about 75 percent of the devices' CO2 emissions occur during manufacturing. This means that the longer cell phones are used, the more this energy expenditure pays off. Swisscom wants to ensure that old devices are used sustainably with appropriate offers: From reconditioning and second-hand sales to donation programs, repairs and recycling.

Customer: Swisscom. Responsible agency: Serviceplan Suisse. Film Production Awareness: Shining; Marco Lutz (Director). Film Production Content: McQueen Films; Girts Apskalns (director).

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