Content and form for ÖKK: Common sense for everyone

Simply uncomplicated: Content and form shows in the new ÖKK campaign what health insurance with a healthy Grisons mind looks like.

If you face life with a smile, everything is just a little bit easier. That's exactly what the people of Graubünden seem to have known from childhood. ÖKK calls it quite simply: Grisons common sense. Maybe it's the harmony with nature, maybe it's the better air, or maybe it's the fact that people in Graubünden just don't let themselves get rattled, but one thing is clear: with a healthy Graubünden mind, everything is simply uncomplicated.

It is precisely this relaxed, honest and confident Graubünden way that the Zurich agency Inhalt und Form has captured for the new ÖKK campaign. And immortalized it in two films and six print subjects, which are intended to convey that with a little calm, looseness and joie de vivre, many things suddenly become simply uncomplicated. Even a complex topic like health insurance.

The campaign will be seen throughout Switzerland from mid-August and will flicker across screens simultaneously on TV, in display ads and on social media.

Responsible at ÖKK: Patrick Eisenhut (Head of Communications), Michael Jud (Team Leader Communications), Kimberly Fasser (Consultant Communications), Chiara Lardelli (Consultant Communications), Silvana Möhr (Consultant Communications). Responsible for content and form: Dominik Stibal (CEO), Karin Esterman (ECD), David Hugentobler (CD), Vasco Bickel (Senior AD/Concept), Manuel Schnoz (AD), Yannick Lippuner (Text/Concept), Mato Bilic (Animation) Manuela Marty (Consulting/Strategy), Doelkar Monkhar (Project Management). Responsible at Shining Film: Stevan Treshow (Director), Pascal Walder (DoP), Stefan Bircher (Producer), Gustaf Richter (Line Producer). Responsible at All In Production: Gian Marco Castelberg (photographer), Dhondup Tersey (producer).

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