Wirz for Swica: Because health is everything

With revamped visuals and greater use of online advertising, Wirz's Swica campaign enters the next round.


Helena Gubernale and Remo Tanner, Marketing Managers at SWICA, draw a comparison with last year's campaign: "We have revised the advertising materials from last year and linked them to clear SWICA service benefits and messages - "SWICA offers more" should thus be expressed even more strongly."

The media strategy has also been optimized for this year. In addition to posters and TVC, the campaign is again relying more heavily on online this fall.


Responsible at SWICA: Remo Tanner (Head of Marketing Services), Helena Gubernale (Head of Online Marketing), Florence Schelling (Specialist Online Marketing), Giovanna Oezdemir (Responsible Brand Management). Conception, creation and realisation: Wirz Group. Film Production: Rocket Film. Composition: Tonton Ltd, Sound design/scoring: Sound Studios Z.

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