PAM Advertising creates new subjects for Smile campaign

PAM created new subjects for the fall out-of-home campaign of the online insurance company Smile. As in the spring campaign, the focus is on household and car insurance.

The nationwide campaign can be seen on posters and digital outdoor screens. Online and on social media, the subjects are used as banners and animations set to music.

"Already in the spring campaign created by PAM, we saw a significant increase in brand awareness and brand perception. Our messages were increasingly noticed and anchored the Smile brand more firmly in people's minds. With our new subjects, we are building on this success and further increasing our presence with the Swiss public," says CMO Joséphine Chamoulaud.

Large posters play with placement context

In addition to the regular billboard, Smile also advertises on large posters. For this purpose, PAM has created two additional subjects that play with the context of the placement. The megaposter in the underpass of the Zurich Hardbrücke, for example, refers to the height of the underpass, which could be problematic for certain vehicles. And on Weinbergstrasse, all regular campaign subjects were arranged around a large format, which, with its placement reference, calls for a change of insurance.

Responsible at Smile: Pierangelo Campopiano (CEO), Joséphine Chamoulaud (Head Marketing and E-Commerce), Ivana Gonzalez (Project Manager Digital Marketing). Responsible at PAM Advertising: Parvez Sheik Fareed, Miro Pfister (overall responsibility and creative direction). Responsible at Nova Impact (media agency): Sandra Fehr (Managing Partner), Marcel Bieri (Senior Media Consultant).

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