Stubborn since 1973: Gebana launches nationwide campaign

Gebana is committed to greater fairness in the food trade. To make this known (more) and to promote the sale of oranges for the winter, a nationwide campaign was launched.

Gebana has been making global trade fairer and more sustainable since 1973. Through direct trade and revenue sharing, farming families worldwide receive a living wage and consumers receive seasonal food.

In recent years, the company has been able to grow strongly. To ensure that this remains the case, Gebana is now launching a nationwide campaign with two objectives. On the one hand, it is intended to further increase awareness of the company, and on the other, to generate as many advance orders as possible for oranges in winter.

Direct trade communicated directly

Gebana has never been one for marketing platitudes and empty phrases. The new campaign with the claim "Stubborn since 1973" is honest and also confronts consumers with unpleasant truths about the food industry. It manages to sell products and at the same time make Gebana's attitude clear.

The campaign can be seen on posters, e-panels and hanging boxes in streetcars and buses.

Responsible at Gebana: Philippe Schenkel (Head of Marketing), Sandra Dütschler (Head of Communication). Strategy: Simonetta Carbonaro (Realise). Text: Simon Kümin. Design: Mario Trimarchi.

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