Kargo stirs up digital campaign for the Swiss Cheese Awards

Every second year, the best cheeses and the best Swiss cheesemakers are honored at the Swiss Cheese Awards. More than 1000 cheese varieties compete against each other and are awarded prizes in 32 categories by a 150-strong jury. Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG and the Swiss Cheese Awards had Kargo Kommunikation create a digital campaign.

Federer, Bertarelli, Gut and Co. are the best in their field and are probably known worldwide. Tennis, sailing and winter sports are the flagships of Swiss excellence. But who knows Arnold, Schmoutz, Eberle and Zbinden? They are - among many others - the makers of the world's best cheeses. They are masters of their discipline, which has been dominated by Switzerland worldwide for decades - cheese making! The Swiss Cheese Awards honor precisely these achievements - far away from the general public. And this is exactly where the advertisers come in, because such an important commodity is to be made better known. Because Swiss cheese reflects the trends of today: regionality, naturalness, craftsmanship and tradition.

The Awareness Campaign

In close cooperation with the client, Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG, Kargo designed an awareness campaign with 5 short films. The "host" Eddy Baillifard, Mr. Raclette and co-organizer of the Swiss Cheese Awards 2022 in Val de Bagnes, visited 5 cheese makers and their cheese dairies in the run-up to the awards as they prepared for the awards. Johannes Eberle (Appenzeller), Liliane Arnold (Raclette du Valais AOP), Menno Amstutz (Tête de Moine AOP), Nicolas Schmoutz (Le Gruyère AOP) and Theo Zbinden (Emmentaler AOP) are the protagonists we looked over their shoulders and interviewed them about their craft. The cheesemakers, who come from the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland, allowed us deep insights into their work and, despite or even because of the language barriers, captured their common passion on film and showed our diversity.

During the shoot, Kargo filmed various footage and created snack content for TikTok and Instagram Reels. The response within social media has been immense, both for the campaign films but also for the TikTok channel with over two million views worldwide.

Kargo also developed a new image for the Swiss Cheese Awards. The corporate design was minimalized and standardized for all online and offline channels. In addition, the brochure for the 2022 edition was visually revised.

Responsible at Switzerland Cheese MarketingMartin Spahr (Head of Marketing & Communication), Vanessa Zingg (Project Management); Responsible at Kargo Communication LSA: Nicole Balsiger-Gerber (Overall Project Management), Christoph Balsiger (Creative Direction), Aline Schneiter (Content Creation), Roman Sterchi (Project Management), Luca Balzli (Campaigning), Pasquale Herren (Graphic Design), Jorge Martinez (Motion Design) Responsible at DefKallen: Jürg Kallen (overall production), Matthias Kallen (direction and post-production).

More information on the website about the Swiss Cheese Awards.

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