Farner for SBB: Because sometimes life needs more time

With a personal insight into the everyday life of employees, SBB communicates exciting news: With immediate effect, vacancies from 60 percent are advertised.


In recent years, the needs of employees have changed dramatically. As the fourth-largest employer in Switzerland, SBB is responding to this with various measures such as the expansion of existing family- and leisure-compatible working models and opportunities for re-entry and lateral entry. Now another measure has been added: Since September 2022, SBB has been advertising its jobs from a 60-percent workload. The associated communication measures were developed with Farner Consulting.

At the heart of the campaign are three films that present the real and intense lives of three SBB employees. The three protagonists were selected from over 350 employees who responded to an internal call. Together with the directing duo Mirjam and Lukas Fröhlich, Farner accompanied the selected employees over a longer period of time and gained private insights into their everyday lives. The result is three films that impressively show why life sometimes needs more time. The music, composed appropriately for each film, comes from Great Garbo.

The communication measures kicked off with a study commissioned from the Universities of Zurich and Berne on the subject of "Part-time work in Switzerland: increasing importance, Challenges and opportunities". The SonntagsZeitung reported last weekend on the study and the measures taken by SBB. The films can be seen in various social and display ad formats. In addition there is a Landing page with all the relevant information and varied statements from part-time workers at SBB. In addition, an SBB job-sharing event will be held for the first time at Berne station from 27 - 29 October.

Responsible at SBB: Corinne Kuhn, Tijana Kojic, Stephanie Escher, Marisa Columberg, Urs Schmid, Sabine Baumgartner. Responsible at Farner Consulting: Philipp Skrabal, Camille Zuber, Jill-Nadine Reuvener, Jonas Brändli, Janine Paumann, Ennio Cadau, Roland Szabo, Laura Dröfke, Pedro Velasquez, Eva Witschi. Responsible at Shining: Stefan Bircher, Laurent Arber, Mirjam Fröhlich, Lukas Fröhlich, Gustaf Richter, Nathalie Maibach, Gökhan Saf, Sven Probst, Aaron Markus Graf, Florian Hinder, Lukas Graf, Maximilian Hochstrasser, Jero Fähndrich, Bobby Good, Great Garbo, Bardo Eicher.

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