Wide range: Axa and Publicis develop performance campaign

AXA and Publicis are developing a dynamic performance campaign designed to make visible the wide range of Axa insurance products.

With the new campaign, Axa wants to draw attention to its motor vehicle and household insurance products. The goal is to bring potential customers to the premium calculator and generate as many contracts as possible. In order to reach as many users as possible in their individual life situations across all target groups, over 40 visuals with corresponding messages on a wide range of topics were developed and played out in a personalized manner.

Axa offers insurance for all kinds of claims - even those that you don't necessarily expect. And so the different subjects show a variety of accidents that can happen: From a simple scratch in the car paint, to deliberately destroyed motorcycle seats, to red wine stains on the neighbor's sofa, everything is included. This is not only easy to understand and attention-grabbing, it also makes it clear how many different types of damage are covered by Axa's insurance policies.

The style remains concise and yet playful: Users are confronted with the respective accident situation via a short question. Afterwards, each accident story is resolved in a light-footed manner and with reference to Axa. Because no matter what happens: Axa takes care of it. So customers can concentrate fully on enjoying their lives. By linking the content to the central idea of Axa motor vehicle insurance, the campaign closes the gap between attention-grabbing upper funnel campaigns and search-driven lower funnel measures.

Sprites were used for the film-like loops. In this way, the banners achieve faster loading times, an improved image flow and do not require any expensive HTML video components. The large number of individually tailored messages makes it possible to address all users multiple times - always taking into account the context in which the respective messages are played out. To ensure that everything works smoothly, the campaign relies on automation: the most valuable sub-segmented target groups are identified and targeted via the AIs of Google and Facebook. The use of Google and Facebook algorithms further optimizes performance. This makes it possible to focus on the best performing messages in terms of target group, language and channel.

The campaign runs across all relevant touchpoints and uses all high-performance digital communication channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. The spectrum of digital advertising media ranges from display and native ads to all important social media advertising media such as video, image and story ads, TrueView ads and reels. If you count all the language regions of Switzerland together, there are a total of over 2,500 advertising media in use.

The campaign has been running in Switzerland since April and will be on display throughout the year.

The campaign was developed by Publicis, with sister agency Prodigious in charge of production and Mindshare responsible for media. Responsible at AXA: Antonia Lepore (Head MarCom), Claudia Suter (Head Brand & Advertising), Benjamin Oberlin (Head Media), Jochen Fuchs (Head SEM), Manuela Kohler (Advertising Manager), Sandro Singer (Brand Manager), Ilona Fäh (Content Manager), Géraldine Mathys (Content Manager), Giancarlo Peditto (Insights & Strategy), Tobias Mäder (Customer Manager), Fabian Gailer (Customer Manager), Lucas Beck (Customer Manager), Vanessa Lochbaum (Social Media Manager).

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