The House for JobCloud: "Stop working".

The House was entrusted with the repositioning and marketing of the JobCloud umbrella brand and the associated and brands. The campaign builds on the insight that only four out of ten people are happy in their jobs and makes a tongue-in-cheek appeal: "Stop working. Love what you do."

Jobcloud is the leading digital company in the Swiss recruitment market, connecting thousands of applicants with the right job every day through its job portals and helping Swiss companies to recruit successfully and efficiently for 20 years with a broad partner network.

2021, The House was awarded a contract for far-reaching communications tasks, accompanying the company in particular in the strategic orientation, the content and visual revision of the brands and and for campaigning, including strategic derivation, creation, media and operation.

Based on the new strategy, Jobcloud has set itself the task of making Switzerland a place that offers as many people as possible a job they love. Because many employees in Switzerland know it - the Monday blues, boredom, or after-work frustration. This is also proven by a representative study conducted in the course of the strategic derivation: Only around 40 percent of all employees in Switzerland are happy in their current jobs.

As a result of these insights and the newly developed strategy, the campaign developed by The House is also built on a compact core idea with stopping power: "Stop working. Love what you do."

In three main stories "Stop with Monday Blues," "Stop with Boredom," and "Stop with After-Hours Frustration," this idea is brought to life and transported in TV spots as well as various cutdowns for digital formats, social media, and DOOH.

The purpose "Love what you do." not only alludes to possible job changes, but also to how employers and employees can improve their lives in existing jobs. In various job hacks on social media, it is shown with a wink that you should also stop working sometimes in order to take time for a few really important things in your job.

All measures lead to the Landing pagewhere, in addition to the main stories and job hacks, various features such as career tip links or shortcuts to jobs with a focus on flexwork can be found. Users have every opportunity here to actively or passively engage with jobs and careers.

The campaign starts on 05.09.2022 in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. The lead medium is TV for a fast and strong reach build-up within the target group, accompanied by IP TV and online video to maximize reach. The campaign is complemented by social media stories & posts as well as performance-oriented display placements in target group-affine environments, whereby geo-based targeting is also used to pick up the target group along the user journey. For additional awareness, OOH and DOOH are used at strategically relevant points.

Responsible at JobCloud: Davide Villa (CEO), Hans Tuithof (Chief Marketing Officer), Moritz Schmid (Brand & Communications Manager), Pierre Hubert (Team Lead Digital Marketing), Christelle Perret-Huwiler (PR Manager), Marek Lerche (Teamlead UX), Responsible for The House: Maria Brandi (Chief Creative Officer), Sascha Borsai (Creative Director), Oliver Spalt (Art Director), Roger Dobmann (Senior Art Director), Veronica Futterknecht (Graphic Designer), Andreas Jorgella (Business Development,) Frank Lang (CEO / Director Consulting), Nina Schennach (Senior Consultant / Project Management), Sebahat Derdiyok (Art Buying), Yacine Azzouz (Strategy), Stephan Suter (Media Strategy, Director Media), Tiziana Arcadi (Senior Media Consultant / Strategy), Dimitri Kistler (Media Consultant), Wandgü de Silva (Senior Media Consultant), Verena Carusone (Senior Media Consultant), Pixeltek GmbH (Frontend Developer). Responsible for Hutter Consult: Michaela Gahbauer (Senior Consultant Social Media), Helena Mühlburger (Consultant Digital Marketing & Advertising, Meta), Dominik Braitsch (Consultant Digital Marketing & Advertising, You Tube). Implementation and production: Shining Film AG (Production), Marina Klauser (Director), Leonardo Sanfilippo (Executive Producer), Yanik Müller (Senior Producer), Nathalie Maibach (Line Producer), Filip Zumbrunn (DoP), Future Connection AG: Patrick Mülhaupt (Web Developer), Patrick Sieber (Web Developer), Detail AG: Rahel Schwager (project management), Dominic Z'Graggen (Polygraph).

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