Koch agency for Thurgauer Kantonalbank: do-it-yourself online mortgage

Taking out mortgages without a bank advisor - very simple, fast and even cheaper. The Koch agency designed the appearance of the contemporary new online offering for the Thurgauer Kantonalbank, which has been offering banking services for 150 years - from the brand to the campaign.

Online brand with background

With myhypo.ch, a modern, meaningful brand was created for the offering. Thanks to a clear online-first strategy, those responsible at Thurgauer Kantonalbank have laid the foundation for the fresh, uncomplicated brand. "Simple, fast and affordable" describes where the product advantages of myhypo.ch lie. "What makes up our online mortgage should also be reflected in the brand name and appearance. In our opinion, we succeeded very appropriately," says Claudio De Biasio, Head of Market Communications at Thurgauer Kantonalbank.

Focus on do-it-yourself

The product and the campaign developed for it encourage customers to do it themselves. The modern mortgage customer can create his inquiry and application online from A to Z and submit it independently of branch opening hours. The bank then checks the information and sends the contract documents to the customer by mail for signature. Do-it-yourself" is also the visual center of communication.

"We want to differentiate ourselves with an appearance that appeals specifically to those people who like to take things into their own hands - the do-it-yourselfers," Claudio De Biasio continues. This is how the self-made image world with the appropriate messages came into being. It is aimed at a primarily male target group of myhypo.ch, which is also autonomous in matters of finance.

Increased online

The main part of the campaign will take place online to give potential customers the opportunity to directly query the current conditions with just a few clicks and to create an application as easily as possible. Video and engagement ads as well as banners will be used to target the offer on social media and display networks. The launch of Thurgauer Kantonalbank's new online offering is also being accompanied by posters at train stations in conurbations, ads in the trade press and, since August 22, sponsorship of SRF-Meteo on TV.

More at www.myhypo.ch

Responsible at Thurgauer Kantonalbank: Marcel Stauch, Head of Business Unit Services (client), Claudio De Biasio, Head of Market Communication, Marco Wenger, Head of Branding, Renato Vettori, Senior Specialist Branding; Responsible agency: agencychef.ch

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