Pink wins vitamin drink Focuswater

"Goodbye calories, hello vitamins" - this is the claim on which the 360-degree campaign for Focuswater is based. Rosarot is responsible for the concept and implementation. After an OOH offensive, the campaign is currently being played out online in a variety of ways.

The Swiss vitamin water now also offers a drink completely without sugar. After a nationwide OOH offensive, the campaign is currently being played out online in a variety of ways.

The Focuswater brand has recently matured from a start-up to a first-time beverage player: Launched in 2011 as Switzerland's first vitamin water without external financing, Focuswater has established itself in the beverage sector with impressive growth rates and was finally sold to Rivella in 2019. The low-calorie drink thus aims to appeal to the zeitgeist of a broad social class that cultivates a healthy and active lifestyle. Free of artificial additives and rich in vitamins and minerals, Swiss Vitamin Water aims to be a real and tasty alternative to the majority of over-sugared and artificial beverage offerings. Swiss Vitamin Water now also has a drink completely without sugar on offer.

Campaign mechanics with activating messages

For the positioning of Focuswater as the number one Swiss vitamin water and the launch of a new subrange, Rosarot was commissioned for the awareness campaign after winning a pitch in fall 2021. For this, the Zurich creatives turned the existing claim into "Goodbye calories, hello vitamins" to show what you can say goodbye to thanks to Focuswater and what you can say hello to instead. Depending on the consumption of the different varieties, the ingredients of the vitamin water support an activating, antioxidant or relaxing effect and thus a self-determined life with more flow. This principle is consistently continued in headlines such as "goodbye worklife, hello balance," "goodbye calories, hello muscle aches," or "goodbye home, hello adventure. The subjects pick up on this in an action-packed and sports-driven imagery, right down to the yoga pose. Everything is underpinned by a dynamic design that symbolizes water as well as flow and has different color codes depending on the variety.

Tinder style engagement banner

The idea of "Goodbye & Hello" is currently also being taken up in an engagement banner. In the interactive displays, the different Focuswater varieties are presented with a profile including typical emoticons, just like in a dating app. If a match is found, the "date" can be displayed on the Focuswater website immediately get to know better and order directly to your home. This, of course, is where the two new varieties "Push" (orange & lemongrass & caffeine) and "Calm" (rhubarb & raspberry) come into play, with which Focuswater wants to appeal even more strongly to the water drinker category. Compared to the Mainrange, the two new products are completely sugar-free and only lightly flavored. However, the DNA as a vitamin water remains intact.

The entire campaign encompasses a wide variety of channels such as out-of-home, digital out-of-home, social media and is played out on native ads and displays in addition to engagement banners.

Responsible at Focuswater: Sara Bätschmann (Senior Business Developer), Andreas Egli (Senior Brand Manager), Carla Christen (Brand Manager), Caspar Vuille (Digital Marketing Manager); Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer (Creative Director), Labinot Gashi (Director Digital), Sabrina Huwiler (Project Manager), Antonia Lattarulo (Project Manager), Thorsten Hainke (Senior Text and Concept), Bianca Berger (AD) Marcela Narvaez (Graphic Designer), Fabio Montefiori (Polygraph), Flavia Hänni (Polygrapher).


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