CRK's vocational education campaign for SERI focuses on parents

SERI is launching a new image for the national umbrella campaign for Swiss vocational and professional education and training together with its network partners. CRK developed and designed the campaign.

SBFIThe vocational training campaign Vocational of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI is getting a new look. In addition to the revamped campaign website, numerous social media measures, and the motif generator, which young people, parents, and training companies can use to contribute to the campaign, the message "On the career path to the goal" will be disseminated via a commercial on TV, in cinemas, and online. In it, Ali Oskan tells the true story of his daughter Elif Oskan, who - despite initial reservations on the part of her father - decided to become an apprentice cook. Today, she successfully runs her own restaurant - Gül Restoran in Zurich.

Focus on the role of parents

The campaign raises parents' awareness of the strengths of vocational education and training and shows that young people who complete a basic vocational education and training program have the best prospects for a successful career.

The focus on the role of parents in the career choice process is no coincidence. The concept builds on the research findings of educationalist Margrit Stamm. "Parents often tell their offspring what they should do. In such cases, children then have inhibitions about discovering, expressing and pursuing their own interests," explains campaign testimonial Margrit Stamm in the blog.

Cooperation of three Myty agencies

CRK, Hutter Consult and The House - the three Swiss agencies of the Myty Group - teamed up for the campaign. As the winner of the pitch for the overall media mandate, The House, together with the social media experts from Hutter Consult, designed and implemented the campaign in the paid area. CRK was the strategic, creative and communicative project lead. The French-speaking Swiss agency Trio, which was responsible for the conceptual and content-related adaptation of the campaign in French-speaking Switzerland, was also involved from the very beginning.

Responsible at SERI: Gerda Lüthi (project manager for vocational training policy), Tiziana Fantini (project manager for communications). Responsible at CRK: Marie-Joëlle Eschmann (Consulting, Project Management), Miro Poffa (Consulting, Deputy Project Management), Filip Wolfensberger (Creative Director), Stefan Batzli (Project Management, Strategy), Jeanine Häfliger, Dilan Maden (Consulting), Manuel Reisinger (Consulting, Content), Andrea Schmid, Danilo Lo Pumo (Social Media), Jessica Gomilsek, Max Eschler, Serife Günyar (Creation, Multimedia Production). Responsible at The House: Stephan Suter (Concept, Director Media), Luzian Storrer (Senior Media Consultant / Analytics), Dimitri Kistler (Media Consultant), Wandgü de Silva (Senior Media Consultant), Nikolina Caleta (Senior Media Consultant), Verena Carusone (Senior Media Consultant). Responsible at Hutter Consult: Thomas Besmer (Consulting, Conception), Lena Eberhardt (Conception, Consulting, Social Advertising),Helena Mühlburger (Conception, Consulting, Social Advertising). Responsible at Agence Trio (partner agency Romandie): Michael Kamm (CEO, creation), Loris Colantuono (copywriting), Thomas Mosig (consulting, project management). Responsible for Zweihund (film production): Niels Vije (producer), Jonas Meier (director), Simon Bitterli (camera), Gabi Morales (set design), Daniela Glarner (styling), Nora-Li Hess (hair & make-up), Jonas Meier, Mike Raths (editing), Som Sommer (color grading),Mile Raths (visual effects), Christoph Benz / Jingle Jungle (sound design).

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