JvM Limmat: PostFinance on Tiktok? Is quite normal

Jung von Matt Limmat brings PostFinance to TikTok. The message "Ist doch ganz normal" of the image campaign is also at the heart of the social content, which was implemented in several phases with different creators.

PostFinanceWhile social media before the TikTok era became more and more an unattainable ideal world, TikTok today is the playground for creativity and individuality. Boring brand- rather than content-driven content is punished mercilessly. With its claim "It's just normal", PostFinance is taking the opportunity to tell stories from normal life on TikTok - produced by content creators and not by the brand itself.

In a first wave, various creators have reinterpreted the "Ist doch ganz normal" campaign track. New lyrics, acoustic versions and remixes were created. The next wave revolved entirely around the claim, which was deliberately used to break down everyday situations and personal idiosyncrasies: "Falling asleep in class? It's normal.". Many imitators then created their own versions of the "Ist doch ganz normal" posts.PostFinance

In the latest and current wave of PostFinance, the creativity of the creators continues to be given free rein. And it gets playful: The Swiss taboo topic of "money" is taken up honestly and unfiltered and placed at the center of the street game entitled "Honest Money". For this, the social team of Jung von Matt Limmat works together with creators such as Mr. Suisse. For PostFinance, they ask passers-by in German, French and Italian to choose between the game "Truth or Dare": "Honest Money or Risky Cash". Whatever the outcome: It's perfectly normal.

Responsible at PostFinance: Rose Portmann, Fabian Christ (Social Media Manager), Jelena Mesic, Florian Grützner (Marketing Manager), Francisco Moreno (Head of Marketing Concept). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Régine Cavicchioli (Creative Direction), Jonas Bayona (Social Creative Direction), Anouk Karrer (Text), Jan Theus (Art Direction), Lara Zehnder (Social Creative), Adam Keel (Video Production), Cédric Knapp, Melissa Diday, Sebastian Kaps (Account Management), Marianne Sauter, Marcel Walzl (Account Direction), Wolfgang Bark (Managing Creative Direction), Thomas Steiner (Managing Partner). Responsible at Webrepublic: Michael Zenhäusern (Social Media Marketing Consultant), Vanessa Pinter (Client Solutions Manager).

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