Valencia Kommunikation launches the autumn collection promotion "Tree Friends" for Coop

In Coop's current collection promotion, everything revolves around the theme of "trees" and the tree figures Lola, Pino and Ruby. Valencia Kommunikation supported the "tree friends" with a colorful campaign.

The current campaign for Coop's "Tree Friends" collection promotion, which runs from August to October in all Coop sales outlets, is as colorful as the leaves in autumn. It focuses on the three plush figures - Lola the apple tree, Pino the fir tree and Ruby the copper beech. The stuffed figures are three of a total of seven collectibles. Furthermore, a children's umbrella, two enameled cups and a stainless steel drinking bottle can be collected.

The Schwiizergoofe support the collection promotion with a song created especially for the tree friends. It serves as the soundtrack to the TV commercial and can also be found on the choir's latest album. In addition to TV spots, the cross-media advertising measures that Valencia implemented for Coop include a classic print campaign for OOH and advertising, POS as well as in-store radio spots, direct mailings and the microsite, which was realized together with the subsidiary agency Nueva.

For social media, the agency designed and implemented a moving image campaign. This includes a 360-degree video, various short videos for TikTok, Instagram and Facebook as well as the documentation of a flash mob action for the launch.

The "Tree Friends" promotion runs from Friday through Oct. 2, 2022, at Coop and various partner formats.


Responsible at Coop: Vanessa Finzer (Head of Advertising), Simon Bohnenblust (Head of Advertising Promotion/Sales Promotion), Gina Anderegg (Project Manager Advertising Promotion/Sales Promotion), Saara Jeisy (Project Manager Marketing Communication), Joachim von Allmen (Head POS Retail), Simon Flatt (Head of Media), Karin Rieth (Head of Media Classic), Lukas Schmid (Senior Project Manager Digital Media), Florian Lanovic (Head of Social Media & Online Campaigning), Michel Bannier (Project Manager Social Media), Annika Meier (Project Manager Online Campaigning). Responsible at Valencia Communication: Tommy Schilling (Chief Creative Officer), Iraklis Hungerberg (Senior Account Director), Lea Bantlin (Junior Consultant), Sebastian Refardt (Senior Copywriter), Marc Groth (Art Director), Amadea Waldmann (Graphic Designer), Marco Fritz (Polygraph), Niklas Dunke (Polygraph), Ana Estepa Garcia (Interactive Media Designer). Responsible for WirzFreafelPaal Productions: Stefan Fraefel (Executive Producer), Annick Engeli (Producer), Simon Helbling (Director), Roman Peritz (Cinematographer), Fabian Eggenschwiler (Editor), Jürgen Kupka (Colorgrading). Responsible at TWmedia: Stephan Küng (Overall Responsibility), Manuela Brunner (Media Planning), Pearl Kathriner (Senior TV Planner), Damiano Vitali (Head of TV), Sven Däschner (Head of Online), Miriam Küng (Digital Campaign Manager), Madeleine Huber-Tröndle (Online Media Planner). Responsible at HitMill: Georg Schlunegger (Composer, Songwriting & Producer), Fred Herrmann (Producer), Roman Camenzind (Executive Producer), Noemi Mathis (Project Management). Responsible at Schwiizergoofe: Nikol Camenzind (Songwriting & Executive Producer), Jonas Künzle (Project Management).

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