Switzerland Tourism, On and Roger Federer join forces

To boost Swiss city tourism, Switzerland Tourism is lacing up its running shoes together with On and launching the "Run the Swiss Cities" city tourism campaign. Various video clips invite guests to discover the localities by running.

With their short distances and proximity to nature, Swiss cities are particularly well suited for running. Jogging is also very popular with business travelers, for example, as a way to explore the destination and also get to know the surroundings and local culture. ST and sports brand On are now teaming up exclusively for "Run the Swiss Cities" this summer to help Swiss city tourism catch up from the pandemic. Cities represent the tourism region that has been the slowest to recover from the effects of the pandemic in terms of guest numbers.

Using Basel, Geneva, Lugano and Zurich as examples, short video clips draw attention to the diversity and uniqueness of Swiss cities and cover the different language regions. On and ST jointly promote the advantages of Swiss cities, their flair for life and running, and invite national and international guests to discover them for themselves in an active way.

The surprise guest is the ambassador of the two brands, Roger Federer, who makes a brief appearance in the video clip about Basel and gives the runners his own personal tip for his hometown.

The short films are distributed on various digital platforms in Switzerland, but also in Germany, France and the Benelux countries. In addition, there are several running route suggestions for every level and preference, which can be found on the sports app Strava be made available for download. The recommended routes are both touristy and interesting and have been compiled by experts and locals. More information is available on the Campaign website compiled.

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