Klar conceives employer branding campaign for IWC

Klar's recently established employer branding unit has given the IWC employer brand a clear face.

IWCDue to the tense labor market environment and the acute shortage of skilled workers, companies are currently strongly committed to approaching the topic of employer branding in a more professional manner and actively maintaining the employer brand on an ongoing basis. Klar specializes in the discipline of employer branding and has a independent competence unit built up. According to the agency, customer growth has been encouraging.

Klar also designed and created IWC's employer branding with the aim of publicizing the employer values and positioning the company as an attractive employer. Employees from more than 30 countries work at the Schaffhausen watchmaker's headquarters. In the first phase, the focus is on Switzerland as a place to work, but talent is recruited from all over the world.IWC

Based on the Employer Value Proposition, Klar has developed a storyline to authentically convey and prove the promise of talent and career development. Four stories highlight the journey and relationship between mentee and mentor. This is intended to make IWC's workplace, working atmosphere and DNA visible and tangible, and to bring the claim "Engineer yourself - become part of the journey" to life.

A four-minute main film was produced, as well as four one-minute stories plus cutdowns for the online campaign. A photo shoot took place at the same time as the shoot.

Responsible at IWC Schaffhausen: René Behr, Mirjam Bettinger, Qianhan Gong. Responsible Agentur: Clear-employerbranding.ch. Film: Otakus.agency. Sound: Department Of Noise. Photography: Karinheer.com.


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