Picturesque moments: Karling creates new overall appearance for Sihlcity

After last year's renovation, Karling is using a new positioning, a refreshed CD and an image campaign to show that Sihlcity is more than ever a place where visitors:inside can enjoy the finer things in life.

At Sihlcity, visitors should spend moments that are as beautiful as painted and want to be captured forever. This is what Karling wants to convey in the current roof campaign. Together with the artist Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk, a photographic series of subjects was created that are intended to look like paintings. The first three motifs focus on the areas of beauty/fashion, food and lifestyle.

The campaign appears throughout the greater Zurich area as well as online on banners, social media, billboards, megaposters, e-boards and e-panels, on bushels, in ads and in short cinema spots and other media.

Together with the new umbrella campaign, the corporate design was renewed and cleaned up. The Sihlcity logo was made more striking. In addition, Sihlcity has recently dispensed with a slogan and uses the so-called "chimney" not only in the logo but also in the headlines. Every Sihlcity communication medium - from stationery, business cards, and information signs to posters and eBoards - is given a short, prominent headline that is placed vertically to ensure greater recognition.


Responsible at Sihlcity: Marianne Guldimann, Jessica Graf. Responsible at Karling: Daniel Serrano, Patrick Suter, Carl Winthereik, Ilias Islam, Jeanne Sollberger, Rolf Helfenstein, Ingrid Brun del Re. Photography: Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk.

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