Migros blows the whistle on Tipp-Kick-Mania

Migros wants to raise the football fever with a Tipp-Kick collector's pass: Customers can take the original game figures home in a Migros special edition.

Whether it's a fun tournament with friends at a barbecue or a family tournament - with the original Tipp-Kick® game figures in the Migros special edition, everyone becomes a soccer star. True to the motto: "The square has to go in the corner."

22 Tipp-Kick stars - 11 male and 11 female players from a total of 16 nations can be collected as of today. Among them are players from big football nations like Germany, France or Brazil. But of course the Swiss Nati or fan favorites like Portugal are also part of the Tipp-Kick-Mania team line-up.

Migros customers receive one sticker for every 20 francs they purchase, which they can stick into a collection sheet. Anyone who has filled a full collection section with 10 stickers can obtain a Tipp-Kick game figure at the Migros checkout. The packaging containing the figure is also a goal wall, so that Tipp-Kick players can immediately warm up.

If you want to complete your own Tipp-Kick team, you can also buy a Tipp-Kick game set with goalies, pitch, etc. at Migros.

Online Migros also offers a game companion for keeping score, complete with a stadium atmosphere. If an opponent is missing for once, the site also offers game ideas for single players.

For player transfers completely without hand money and transfer sums, collectors will find on the platform Migipedia a swap meet.

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