Thommen Group apprentice campaign offers a glimpse into the world of recycling

Together with the Thommen Group, Farner has developed a vocational training campaign in which versatile apprenticeships with future prospects are promoted on Snapchat and TikTok.

The Thommen Group returns recyclable raw materials to the recycling loop. With this range of complete recycling services, the Thommen Group with its three brands Thommen, Metallum and Immark has been one of the market leaders in Switzerland for years.

The apprentices of the Thommen Group, together with the approximately 650 dedicated specialists, contribute to a careful handling of the environment and ensure the recycling of resources thanks to their work.

With the aim of further consolidating the high value of vocational training, the Thommen Group has launched an apprenticeship campaign in collaboration with Farner Consulting AG. It advertises various apprenticeships, namely construction machinery mechanic EFZ, commercial clerk EFZ, recyclist EFZ, road transport specialist EFZ

Use of augmented reality 

Since the beginning of August, the apprenticeship campaign for 2023 has been running on the Snapchat and TikTok channels. In short videos, young people are shown that they can also use their skills and hobbies from their free time profitably in their everyday working lives.

A special feature of the campaign is the AR-Lens, which was programmed especially for Thommen Group. It allows users to virtually immerse themselves in the working environment of apprentices at Thommen Group on Snapchat. Thanks to ad recall values of over 70 percent, AR-Lens supports Thommen Group in its positioning as a vocational training provider.

Michael Itin, Head of Marketing at Thommen Group adds, "With AR-Lens, we want to break new, creative ground and create direct access to the diverse range of vocational training options."

Further information at the Thommen Group. 

Responsible at Thommen Group: Michael Itin, Head of Marketing; Christina Kimmig, Head of Training & Development; Guido Herklotz, Digital Marketing & Content Manager; Dogukan Gül, Marketing & Communications Assistant. Responsible at Farner Consulting AG: Christoph Emch (Client Lead), Lukas Günter (Project Management), Mathias Kröbl (Art Direction), Nadine Schuler, Eva Witschi (Digital Campaign Management), Aleksandar Sofranac (Motion Design). Photography: Ko Photography & Film.

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