Jung von Matt shows "perfection you can feel" for V-Zug

The campaign of kitchen appliance manufacturer V-Zug by Jung von Limmat shows the kitchen as the place where you are yourself. This mantra is embodied by star architect Valerio Olgiati and ex-Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean.

Just as every kitchen is closely intertwined with everyday life, each kitchen has its own style, idea, functionality and design. Built and developed entirely according to the meaning and purpose in the lives of its owners. This is the central idea behind the new campaign for V-Zug's Excellence Line, which was developed by Jung von Matt.

The Excellence Line from V-Zug stands for elegant and minimalist design, high quality and long-lasting products. It embodies technology at the service of its users and Swiss perfection in every detail. This is also reflected in the characters at the center of the campaign: Such as the multiple award-winning Swiss architect Valerio Olgiati. He is known for unique, architectural experiences and his focus on real materials, pure forms and lights.

In two catchy TV spots, two protagonists tell personal kitchen stories that viewers can each read in their own unique way. The TVCs are accompanied by a customized digital promotion of two new products from the Excellence Line.

Refresh and Rethink

The associated website was technically and conceptually revised and shines in a new design and integrated campaign material. Different homepages welcome different customer groups and accompany them via the storytelling dedicated to them to carefully selected offers.

Creativity meets data

Individuality is not only the focus of the campaign, but is also consistently exploited with the use of data. By linking classic media market research with AI-based data tools, the right topic areas are identified. Creativity and data use thus find their common denominator. This again shows how important a unique customer:inside experience is for V-ZUG.

The campaign will be played out internationally and in Switzerland. In addition to the TV spots, the campaign includes various digital measures as well as social media assets, advertorials and print partnerships.

Several Jung von Matt agencies were involved: While Jung von Matt Limmat was responsible for the entire strategy and creation, Jung von Matt Impact was responsible for the media playout and Jung von Matt Tech developed the associated website.

Responsible at V-Zug: Nathalie Noël (CMO), Roland Graf (Head of Global Marketing & Communication), Daniel Vila (Head of Marketing Switzerland), Bernardo Egli (Global Marketing Manager), Lucia Librero Moure (Global Marketing Manager), Sibylle Stocklin (E-Commerce/Content Manager), Sandra Köchli (Digital Marketing Manager), Nadja Garcia (Content Creator), Bettina Stadelmann (Content Creator), Nadine Schrick (Content Creator). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Cansu Sezer (Creative Direction), Frederik Dreier, Elif Soysal (Text), Vita Peters (Art Direction), Pia Chlumetzky (Strategy), Andrea Schütz, Marcel Walzl (Project Management), Carsten Jamrow (Executive Creative Director), Dennis Hofmann (Managing Strategy Director), Thomas Steiner (Managing Partner). Responsible at Jung von Matt Impact: Jean-Paulo Chaveiro, Matthias Wobrock, Ladina Baumann (Media Planning). Responsible at Jung von Matt Tech: Emmanuel Denier (Screen Design), Christoph Boy (User Experience), Stefan Bruggmann (Technical Lead), Stefanie Pfeffer & Sandra Weingart (Project Lead), Andrin Gorgi (Content & Testing), Theresa Thaller (Development), Michelle Scholz (Managing Director, Creation & Experience). External partners:inside: Mark Róta (Agency Producer), BONAPARTE (Production Company), Philip Töpfer (Executive Producer), Marina Präger (Line Producer), Allison Lang (Photo Producer), Aratrika Das (Production Coordinator), SUR Film (Service Production), Andrew De Zen (Director), Joe Cook (Director of Photography), Mark Seelen (Photographer), Joshua Bertsch (Digital Assistant), Studiopepe (Interior Style), Alan Rexroth (Editor), Emiliano Serantoni (Colorist), Supreme Music (Music Production), Ambassadors AMS (Post-Production Company).


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