Contexta refreshes traditional snack Dar-Vida

Many always carry it on them: a packet of Dar-Vida. The advertising agency Contexta takes all this in a colorful campaign and the concise new claim "Muesch ha".

Over the years, Dar-Vida has established itself as a thoroughly Swiss product. Like few others, Dar-Vida is part of everyday life in Switzerland. Mothers and fathers, schoolchildren, sportswomen and hikers, or commuters: they all always have a packet of Dar-Vida with them for the road. But woe betide them if they forget it.

The advertising agency Contexta has made this the central theme of the campaign and produced two short TV and online spots that evoke precisely this situation: Never leave home without Dar-Vida. In an unforgettable way - brightly colored, over-the-top and yet very endearing - a jogger is supplied with the forgotten Dar-Vida by her dog on a skateboard, as is a schoolgirl by her father on a bouncy ball.


The cool look of the new advertising campaign should also immediately catch the eye in the entire advertising campaign, supported by the new claim "Muesch ha", which should underline the unique position of Dar-Vida and occupy it with pride. At the same time as the campaign was relaunched, the package design was refreshed by the Zurich Design Factory. The campaign was launched on August 15.

Responsible at HUG: Stephan Huber (Head of Marketing Retail), Jean-Luc Baer (Head of Brand and Product Management Dar-Vida); Responsible Agency: Contexta; Film Production: WESTERN; Director/Photo: Johan Kramer; Sound: Jingle Jungle; Media: Mediaschneider; Packing / Design: Zurich Design Factory.

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