PinkSquirrel for APG|SGA: Every poster is also a shop window

The current campaign of APG|SGA, created by PinkSquirrel, is intended to draw the attention of SMEs in particular to the fact that posters can also act like shop windows in prime locations.

The lifting of the Covid 19 measures has led to a noticeable revival in mobility behavior, which is restoring outdoor advertising to its former strength. And: The posters and screens have - according to APG|SGA in its communication - further, unbeatable strengths: They are visible without restriction, close to the consumers, trigger emotions, and meet people in their lives in the public space.

APG|SGA has commissioned the Zurich agency PinkSquirrel to draw advertisers' attention to these advantages of outdoor advertising. In doing so, the creatives rely on the undisputed location advantage as well as on the size of the poster.

In the campaign, billboards are transformed true to scale into shop windows for furniture, surf, shoe stores and bakeries. In this way, shop windows become the most effective advertising spaces. They make products tangible and inspire passers-by in a charming way. According to the motto: "Every poster is also a shop window".

APG|SGA's shop windows also have the unique advantage that each poster can be placed wherever the target group of companies, stores, SMEs, etc. is located. No matter whether in the center, in the middle of the neighborhood, in the train station, in the village, on the bus, streetcar, or train.

The regionally coordinated messages of the nationwide poster display underscore APG|SGA's pinpoint poster placements.

The B2B campaign has been in use on APG|SGA's analog and digital channels since August 8, 2022, and will be supplemented by other communication measures (e.g., social media).

Responsible at APG|SGA: Beat Holenstein (Head of Marketing & Innovation), Michael Huser (Marketing Communication Manager), Céline Bachmann (Marketing Communication Manager). Responsible at PinkSquirrel: Dany Kielholz (Strategy), Flavia Salvisberg (Consulting Management), Flo Wacker (Creative Director), Maurus Zehnder (Art Director), Martin Arnold (Text/Concept), Claudia Wattinger, Roger Arletti (DTP) as well as Schaub Stierli Fotografie, RTK Medientechnik AG, Andreas Lehmann (Prepress).

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