"Live with you": Jung von Matt Limmat creates campaign for Radio SRF Virus

Radio SRF Virus has a diverse focus and new hosts since this spring. The campaign accompanying the new appearance was developed with Jung von Matt Limmat.

Radio SRF Virus has been shining since this spring with a diverse focus and new hosts. The Swiss radio and television station's programming is thus consistently dedicated to 18- to 30-year-olds and shapes the program together with its listeners. In this way, the newly developed claim "Live with you" becomes a reality for all SRF-Virus fans. The campaign accompanying the new appearance was developed together with Jung von Matt Limmat.

At Radio SRF Virus, the music plays differently and to the taste of Gen Z, because: Every:r listener:in can actively shape the program. The new awareness campaign, which SRF is launching together with Jung von Matt LIMMAT, ensures that this remains the case. At the center is the claim "Live with you", which is filled with life and sound every day. Thus, the program of Radio SRF Virus offers something for every:n: From hip-hop to alternative pop, in the country or in the city, Radio SRF Virus lives and loves the diversity of the community.

Social First

The accompanying awareness campaign focuses on social first - and without compromises. The campaign uses the social portrait format on all channels, regardless of whether the channel is aligned with it. The campaign thus creates a "feed feeling" at every touchpoint, accompanied by activating call-to-action measures.

In their joint work, Radio SRF Virus and Jung von Matt Limmat attach importance to the greatest possible authenticity with a young flair - and as little corporate cringe as possible. This also applies to cooperation with external partners. Photographer John Patrick Walder shaped the visual world of the campaign with his raw and authentic imagery, while the up-and-coming film production company Farbfilm was responsible for the entire moving image material.

The campaign will run for around nine weeks on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitch, Reddit and Display. In addition, it is also present on TV and in cinemas with a Hero Film. The five different cut downs will be used as reminder clips at a later date. The campaign in public space with various posters and screens in German-speaking Switzerland will last two weeks, from August 15 to 28, 2022.

Responsible at SRF: Patricia Hänsenberger (Project Manager Marketing), Claudia Zellerhoff (Head of Marketing), Dominic Daeppen (Head of Sound Design / Brand Manager Audio), Oliver Treml (Co-Head of Marketing Creation), David Largier (Head of Radio SRF Virus). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Rob Hartmann (Executive Creative Director), Jonas Bayona (Social Creative Director), Lara Zehnder, Lars Näpflin (Social Creative), Johnny Grubenmann (Copywriter), Gaston Filippo (Art Direction), Natalie Friedrich (Graphic Design), Natascha Imfeld (Agency Producing), Helena Amor (Strategy), Andrina Bommer, Annika Baur (Consulting), Jasmine Segginger (Client Direction). Responsible at Jung von Matt Impact: Ladina Baumann (Head Media Strategy), Jean Paulo Chaveiro (Digital Media Consultant), Daniel Jans (Media Consultant). External partners:inside: Responsible at Farbfilm Studio GmbH: Simon Wannaz (Director), Flo Brunner (Producer),Tobias Kubli (DoP), Emilie Fischer & Siobhan Prior (Art Department), Simon Wannaz (Edit & VFX), Stereotyp (Music Composition & Sounddesign), Photography: John Patrick Walder.

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