Lidl Switzerland goes new ways in recruiting

Lidl Switzerland is responding to the challenges in recruiting and is using social first for the first time in its search for new apprentices. Together with Lobeco, the retailer is breaking new ground in cross-media marketing. The aim is to target the next generation with authenticity and humor.

According to statistics, 98 percent of Swiss young people are registered with at least one social network. For the team led by Janine Hohengasser, Head of Recruiting & Employer Branding at Lidl Switzerland, this opens up the opportunity to make new contacts as part of the current recruiting campaign to specifically address Generation Z via social media and to generate enthusiasm for the employer brand Lidl Switzerland. To this end, Lidl Switzerland is pursuing a new social-first approach together with the team from Lobeco Switzerland, in which content is first planned from the perspective of and for social media, and then prepared and rolled out for other channels in a second step.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a multifunctional video clip that is played out on the website, YouTube and Instagram. In order to be able to communicate on social media in a channel- and target group-specific way, additional clips were generated during the shoot and the short film concept was prepared in advance so that the individual sequences could be published as stories and reels. All elements function as independent content in their own right - but also in combination.

The main actors of the approximately two-minute film are the current apprentices of Lidl Switzerland. Since authenticity is considered very important for the main target group of Gen Z, this was the focus of the campaign planning, which is precisely what this integration is intended to ensure. The clip is intended to present the various facets of an apprenticeship at Lidl Switzerland in an entertaining way and to show the development opportunities and perspectives within the company without taking itself too seriously.

The target group-specific short video content pays tribute to contemporary communication via Stories and Instagram reels and speaks to Generation Z in their own language. To achieve this, Lidl Switzerland and the production team entered into an open exchange with the young target group and made use of the current trends on the platforms, such as sounds, songs and dance moves.

The aim of the recruiting campaign is to further increase enthusiasm for Lidl Switzerland as an employer among the next generation of learners. Directly addressing the relevant target group via platform-specific content is considered a success factor of the HR campaign.

Responsible at Lidl Switzerland: Janine Hohengasser (Head of Recruiting & Employer Branding), Lorena Cicia (Manager Recruiting & Employer Branding), Steven Meier (Head of Vocational Training), Daniela Fischer (Vocational Trainer Retail Trade).

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