Creasquare launches recruiting campaign for Gurten - Park im Grünen

Like many other employers, Gurten - Park im Grünen is breaking new digital ground. Creasquare implemented an online campaign in July.

Surveys were used to evaluate the motivators of existing employees and, based on this, a checklist was created to test them. With this checklist, Anna Affolter went to Bern's local mountain as a neutral tester and searched for authentic answers.

According to the agency, the online campaign was pared down to the essentials in order to achieve a lot with a manageable amount of effort. For example, short and dynamic hook videos were produced based on the longer campaign video. These are played out to the target group on social media and other platforms through paid ads.

After the awareness phase, interested parties are further directed to the Landing page is directed to the website. Among other things, this is equipped with the campaign video and further information such as benefits, testimonials and open job positions.

The goal of the campaign, which is currently still running, is to better position Gurten - Park im Grünen as an employer and to generate more attention. Therefore, the campaign is not focused on specific jobs.

Responsible at Creasquare: Marc Deriaz (conception), Nicolas Jossi (conception and PL), Kim Zaugg (DOP and editor), Joshua Schenk (DOP and editor). Responsible at Gurten - Park im Grünen: Martin Geiger (former Marketing Manager), Tatjana Schär (Marketing Manager).

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