Art.I.schock realizes performances of three cultural events in Winterthur

Art.i.schock realizes the performances for no less than three Winterthur events: The music festival weeks, the literature series "lauschig" and the Afro-Pfingsten trust the Zurich creative heads.

The traditional Music Festival Weeks and Afro-Pfingsten, as well as the young literature and spoken word series "lauschig", continue to rely on the communications agency based in Zurich and Winterthur after returning to a full program. The agency designed three corporate identities individually tailored to the events and realized posters, flyers and program magazines, as well as online presences, giveaways and much more.

The Winterthur Music Festival is one of the oldest music festivals in Switzerland and will take place for the 47th time this summer. In 2022, the annually changing artwork focuses on hands as the central element of a concert: clapping, playing instruments or gestures. But also for the "handmade" music festival weeks. The hand, in combination with geometric elements, runs as a clear line through the various implementations, on the digital channels in animated form.

"Lauschig" is the summer literature and spoken word series in Winterthur's most beautiful gardens and parks. Sounding names such as Lara Stoll, Bänz Friedli, Federica de Cesco or Jonas Lüscher read from their works in front of an unusual open-air backdrop, complemented by live music and discussion rounds. The 2022 appearance symbolizes the evening sky with a color palette of light blue, pink and orange. The redesigned website relies on a contemporary design with generous typography and photos.

The Afro-Pfingsten Festival, which took place at the beginning of June, also attracts tens of thousands of guests to Winterthur's old town every year. This year, for the first time, an exhibition of black artists and anti-racism workshops were part of the program. A strong photo, illustrations and graphic elements put the healthy self-confidence and pride of African identity in the foreground, without losing the playfulness.


Responsible at the Winterthur Music Festival: David Egg. Responsible at "cozy": Ramona Early. Responsible at the Afro Pentecosts: Ursina Sprenger. Responsible at Art.I.schock: Sylvia Brüggemann, Gregor Koller, Ramona Rothmund (consulting, project management), Petra Hilber, Tanja Richli, Sämi Bütler, Yasmin Kim Cilasin (graphics/illustration). Photography Music Festival: Andri Kaufmann Janutin.

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