The current Galaxus campaign shows real life

Unlike so often on social media, Galaxus shows life completely unvarnished in the current campaign. For this, the in-house video team set out to visit customers in real life.

Whether drag queen, girlie band, MMA fighter or bodybuilder - all the protagonists of the current social clips have one thing in common: they are all real Galaxus customers.

The storyline is correspondingly honest and, in the context of the social web, refreshing: The focus is simply on their completely normal and unvarnished lives. They are accompanied only by products from the Galaxus universe, true to the motto: "Almost everything for almost everyone.

Another novelty: This time, not only the conception of the campaign was done completely in-house, but also the video production by the internal team. The clips can be seen until the end of August on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, as well as on the Galaxus YouTube channel.

Responsible at Digitec Galaxus: Martin Walthert (Chief Marketing Officer), Flurin Spring (Creative Director), Ursina Grimm (Head of Brand Management), Julian Stauffer (Art Direction, Motion Design), Armin Tobler (Direction, Editing), Valentina Sproge (Camera, Editing), Mariya Alipieva (Project Management & Brand Management), Cédric Feusi, Luca Giugliano (Digital Marketing & Media Planning), Luisa Silvestri (Digital Media Designer), Anne Chapuis (Translation). External: Gilles Germann (producer); Lukas Graf (lighting); Bardo Eicher (sound production).

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