TrueStory for Swiss Bankers: Not for Noobs

As part of a social media campaign for the target group Gamer:in, TrueStory realized a video production together with Swiss Bankers. The main message: "If you're a gamer, get the Life Digital prepaid credit card."

Swiss BankersThe TrueStory video - including its own animated game sequence - shows a gamer playing a fantasy story. At the end, the Life Digital prepaid credit card, which is optimally geared to the needs of gamers, is revealed to him. "Stories have an effect. That's why storytelling is central to appealing to gamers," explains Basile Willi, Marketing & Communication Manager at Swiss Bankers.

"We were very happy about the campaign request. After all, it's always cool for us when customers show openness to new target groups and platforms such as Twitch," says Lukas Horst, Head of Project Management at TrueStory.

TrueStory brought in long-time partner Attackera as its media agency.

Responsible at Swiss Bankers: Basile Willi (overall responsibility). Responsible at TrueStory: Lukas Horst, Nishant Dixit (project management).

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